February 2021 Topic: Prayer

Feb. 23: Praying For Others, Developing a Personal Prayer Plan

feb. 23 zoom meeting      feb. 23 powerpoint

Feb. 16: Powerful Prayers

feb. 16 zoom meeting      feb. 16 powerpoint

Feb. 9: Praying Beyond a List

feb. 9 zoom meeting      feb. 9 powerpoint

Feb. 2: Prayer Basics, Prayer Barriers, Prayer Pointers

feb. 2 zoom meeting

October 2020

Oct. 20: How to Disciple Your Children

oct. 20 zoom meeting      oct. 20 powerpoint

Oct. 6: Social Media for Dummies

oct. 6 zoom meeting      oct. 6 powerpoint

September 2020

Sept. 29 Training: The Best understand discipleship.

sept. 29 zoom meeting       sept. 29 powerpoint

Sept. 22 Training: The Best know the roles.

sept. 22 zoom meeting       sept. 22 powerpoint

Sept. 15 Training: The Best teach for application.

sept. 15 zoom meeting       sept. 15 powerpoint

Sept. 8 Training: The Best Sunday School Teachers reach out to those on the Edge.

  • Why do people leave our class/group/church?
  • How do I reach out to those on the Edge?

sept. 8 zoom meeting       sept. 8 powerpoint

Sept. 1 Training: The Best Teachers work to build Biblical Community
  • What is Biblical Community?
  • What are the levels of sharing and trust in a group?
  • How do I create a Safe Zone in my class?
  • What are the Time Zones for my group?

sept. 1 zoom meeting       sept. 1 powerpoint