Life U Studies

Sundays 5-6 p.m.
Sunday, January 13, 20, 27
Sunday, February 10, 17, 24


Christology (Doctrine of Christ)

Facilitator: Jim Propes
The virgin birth. Fully God and fully man. Offices of prophet, priest, and king. Atoning death, victorious resurrection, visible ascension, and conquering return. The study of the doctrine of Christ involves much mystery and splendor, and we could spend years rather than weeks trying to plumb the depths of it all. In this six week study, however, the aim is to provide a sound overview of who Christ is and what He has done in relation to who He beckons us to be as disciples. Come, join us as we explore these great doctrinal matters both theologically and practically!

Ephesians (Our Calling, Our Conduct)

Facilitator: Bobby Clanton
Paul’s letter to Ephesus is equally divided into two parts. The first three chapters are theological in nature, dealing with how God calls us to a life of discipleship. The last three chapters are practical in nature, outlining how God expects us to live as disciples. In this study, we will canvas the calling on our lives into the church coupled with the expected conduct of our lives as members in the church. We will place a greater emphasis on the latter chapters as we explore what it means to walk as disciples in unity, holiness, love, light, and wisdom so that we might truly stand in the Lord. Come, join us us as we remember how we have been called by grace and reflect together on how we should thus live in faith!

James (Live What You Have Learned)

Facilitator: Jack Schultz
The book of James is written to believers in order to challenge them to an authentic life of discipleship. Of all the New Testament letters, James most reflects themes from the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament. In other words, James provides practical lessons for living godly lives. Similar to Jesus’ overarching message from the Sermon on the Mount, James wants his readers to know that discipleship involves exercising one’s faith, and he provides ample examples for precisely how we should do that. As Chuck Swindoll explains, James stresses that “the life of faith is comprehensive, impacting every area of our lives and driving us to truly engage in the lives of other people in the world.” Come, join us as we seek to live what we have learned of Christ so as to further grow in faith, wisdom, love, and ACTION! 

Couple’s Study (Loving One Another in a Christ-like Fashion)

Facilitators: Don & Melinda Gann with Timothy & Brooke Gibson
Song of Solomon 2:15 says, “Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love …” (NLT). Life in relationship with others can prove hard, especially when it involves the intimacy of marriage. But the intimacy of marriage in many ways provides a picture of the intimacy of Christ with His church. Consequently, focusing on how to mature in married life can help us in our maturation as disciples. How can marriage teach us selflessness, sacrifice, surrender, self-control, and steadiness? How can we mature in marriage to improve communication patterns, conflict management, sexual intimacy, shared responsibilities, and parenting. Whether you are single and curious about married life, dating and wanting to prepare for married life, married for a short time, or married for a long time, this study holds relevance for you in your life of discipleship. Come, join us in a time of interactive conversations as Don & Melinda provide insights from lessons learned over 35 years of marriage (now with grown kids and a grandchild), while Timothy and Brooke periodically chime in about what it looks like for them after 10 years of marriage (with little kids still in the home)!