Life U Studies

Sundays 5-6 p.m. beginning January 26

Biblical Doctrines and How We Live
led by Jim Propes in Room 211
Sound doctrine is the basis of how followers of Christ live their lives. This study considers key doctrines and show how they influence and guide our lives as Christians.

A Study of the Second Coming of Jesus
led by Bobby Clanton in Room 202
The coming of Jesus the first time invites us to anticipate His return. Christians are called to live with the expectation that Jesus could return today! How should we live until He comes? The Bible is full of prophesies and themes of Christ’s triumphant return. This study explores biblical teaching of ‘last things.’ Bring your questions and learn the joy of living in anticipation of Jesus’ return.

led by Jeff Holeman and Robert Allen in Room 303
Biblically based study to help you set healthy boundaries with your parents, spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and even yourself. Learn when to say yes — How to say no — take control of your life.

Gifts of Grace: A Study of Spiritual Gifts
led by Don Gann in Room 309
At salvation the Holy Spirit comes to live in the life of believers. As part of His work, He gives us Gifts that help us be effective and find joy in His kingdom. This study seeks to examine biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit. Attendees will seek to identify their gifts and celebrates God’s work in and through His people.

Effective Parenting In A Defective World
by Chip Ingram. Facilitated by Steve Roark in Room 312. This study begins February 2.
How to raise kids who stand out from the crowd. Learn applicable principles that will change your understanding of your role as a parent and how to apply God’s process for teaching and nurturing children.