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Shuttle bus drivers

by Brooke Gibson on May 01, 2017

There are a group of volunteers that are vital to our logistics on Sunday mornings.  They greet you with a smile and "Good Morning," and  patiently wait for you and your family to load and unload the shuttle bus.
"With limited parking on Sunday mornings, our shuttle drivers are faithful to serve each week so people can attend Sunday School and worship," said Robert Allen, administrative pastor.  "I'm thankful for all who are serving and have served over the past 12 years.  In all that time, not one has failed to drive on their assigned Sunday!"

Special thanks to our current drivers on Sunday mornings: Jared Brownlee, Jeff Busby, Hal Davis, Jonothan Etheridge, Jamie Hopson, Patrick Mooney, Bubba Robinson and Alan Smith!  Your faithfulness to serve is just one more thing to love about First!

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