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Katrina Doss

by Brooke Gibson on September 01, 2016

Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me ..." (Matthew 19:14). Katrina Doss has embraced those words of Christ at First for nearly 20 years.  

When Katrina's daughter Katy Margaret was in the one-year-old Sunday School class, they were in need of a teacher.  "I said 'Yes,' and I've said 'Yes' every year since!" Katrina exclaims.  Katy Margaret is now a junior in college, following in her mom's footsteps by studying speech pathology.  

Katrina loves serving the one-year-olds as their teacher. "Seeing the babies and getting to spend time with them is what I enjoy the most," she notes. "Even at that young age, I can speak the Word to them. They take in a lot more than you think."

Thank you, Katrina, for serving our littlest members so well!

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