Senior Adult Ministries

XYZ (Xtra Years of Zest) Program & Luncheon

Senior adults gather for the XYZ luncheon, held the first Tuesday of each month, to sing hymns, enjoy a free lunch, and listen to a guest speaker. 


Highlights from our September program:

Program by Mrs. Ruth Chastain, ‘Behind  Japanese Lines, 1942-45: as told by an Internee of Santo Tomas Internment Camp.” (A moving story of Mrs. Chastain’s parents when missionaries to Hong Kong.)



Highlights from our August program:

Musical program by the FBC Men's Ensemble





Highlights from our July program:

Mrs. Peggy Mayfield Gouras shared her adventure  for “Finding Mabry Mayfield, WWII MIA soldier: a family’s quest to find Mabry 70 years later.” 


Highlights from our June program:

Gospel music program by The Ellis Family from Batesville. Each member plays a different instrument. Listen online


Pictures from Celebrators Conference: