Music & Worship Arts

 The Music and Worship Arts Ministry exists to serve but one purpose; to use God's incredibly powerful gift of music to point all hearts, minds, and voices heavenward in praise of He who alone is worthy of praise.

Celebration Choir

The Celebration Choir is a group of everyday people who feel called to express their love for God through service and singing. Being a part of this dynamic group will not only change your life, but will directly impact countless lives for the glory of God in our church and the community. 

The Celebration Choir leads in worship at both our 8:30 & 11:00 Services, provides outreach to the community, and is involved in service projects. 

Instrumental Ministry

This is a group of experienced musicians using the gifts and talents God has given them to pursue worshipful excellence all for the glory of God. The instrumental ministry co-leads in worship every Sunday with the Celebration Choir. 

Technical Arts

The technical arts ministry consists of a group of experienced people who specialize in working behind the scenes. They control every aspect of a worship service in terms of lighting, graphics, and audio; all for the glory of God above!