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Apr 22, 2018

God Takes Care of His Church

Passage: 1 Timothy 3:8-13

Preacher: Don Gann

Series: April 2018


As mentor to Timothy, the Apostle Paul gives clear qualifications for those being considered as Deacons.  

1. Deacon ministry is a practical calling – v. 8

2. Deacon ministry is a personal calling – v. 9 + 11

3. Deacon ministry is a church calling – v. 10

4. Deacon ministry is a spiritual calling – v. 12


So how does the church decide who to select?

1. Prayerfully – we prefer God’s opinion to our own

2. Observantly – we notice those who are already serving

3. Faithfully – we resist worldly standards and focus on heavenly ones

4. In Unity – we accept the will of the Church under Christ’s Lordship


Sunday Evening Service

On This We Stand – 1 Timothy 3:14-16

The Truth does not rest on the Church but the Church rests on the Truth

1. A Pillar holding up a Person – v. 15

2. Six Pillars of Truth – v. 16

a. Demonstration – ‘appeared in a body’

b. Exoneration – ‘vindicated by the Spirit’

c. Observation – ‘seen by angels’

d. Proclamation – ‘preached among the nations’

e. Reception – ‘believed’

f. Glorification – ‘taken up to glory’

3. Dignity and Destiny of the Church