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Dec 17, 2017

Christmas in Focus: Jesus, Mighty God

Passage: Isaiah 9:6

Preacher: Don Gann

Series: December 2017


As our Mighty God, Jesus is able to do all that needs to be done

“Mighty” is most often used in relation to heroic acts.  

“Mighty” indicates that God DOES something … He is active in our world and our lives



1. Christmas in Focus – Changes our Preconceptions

a. God is Mighty in His Presence

b. God is Mighty to deal with our sin

c. God is Mighty in His Connection to us daily



2. Christmas in Focus – Humbleness

a. Who ever heard of a King being humble?

b. Who ever heard of a King leaving His throne to help people?

c. Who ever heard of a King interested in sinful, sick, poor people?



3. Christmas in Focus – Power of Change

a. He is Able

b. He is Active

c. He has All Authority