Life U Studies

Sundays 5-6 p.m.
Sunday, August 19, 26
Sunday, September 9, 16, 23, 30


Men’s Study – The Book of Judges: Discovering the Source of Strength & Deliverance

Facilitators: Don Gann and Timothy Gibson

It does not take much to figure out how flawed we as men are. Amid our failings, perhaps we wrestle with guilt or shame. Or perhaps we gravitate toward either inadequacy or apathy. Or perhaps we choose to simply ignore or dismiss our flaws and failings altogether.

In this study, we will examine how certain men in the book of Judges reveal to us the way to overcome personal weaknesses and fulfill the various callings upon our lives by discovering the only source of strength and deliverance amid it all.


Women’s Study – The Book of Ruth: Snapshots of Faithfulness

Facilitators: Sandy Meurrier and Anna Burns

Struggles. Hardship. Loss. Family. Friendship. Kindness. Love. Restoration. Healing. So many words come to mind when thinking about the book of Ruth. But the word that characterizes the unfolding of this powerful scriptural account more than any other is FAITHFULNESS.

Join in on this wonderful study of how we can practically live out our faith and grow in our understanding of biblical faithfulness. You will be glad that you did!


Group Study – The Lord’s Prayer: Teach Me to Pray

Facilitator: Jim Propes

This exploration of The Lord’s Prayer will examine the power and truth of each phrase in the model prayer that Christ teaches His disciples. Additionally, the study will compare The Lord’s Prayer with other biblical prayers while showing you how to grow in your own prayer life.

The only thing the disciples specifically asked Jesus to teach them was how to pray. It is thus important for us as disciples today to learn the art of prayerfulness.


Theological Study – The Doctrine of Humanity

Facilitator: Bobby Clanton

Humans created by God and in God’s image, both male and female, are called to a life of work and rest, to a life in community, and to a life of purpose. Yet, humanity will never understand who they are intended to be apart from its standing in relationship to God. That is why John Calvin insisted that knowledge of God and knowledge of man proceed hand in hand.

Join this theological study as we explore who we were created to be, how sin distorted us, and the importance of renewal so that we can live meaningful lives of worship and discipleship. Our eternal destinies depend upon it!


Family Study – Equipping Parents

Facilitator: Jeff Holeman

Life in Oxford comes with a unique set of challenges, especially for parents of children. Join in with other parents as we wrestle through the complexities of being an Oxonian, while also sharing together some of our joys and frustrations.

This is an extremely practical study intended to help parents come away with a number of ideas for “surviving as a parent in Oxford.” Want to see your children survive the various pressures of life in this community while persevering in their faith? Come, be a part of our conversations.


Focus Study – Mom Set Free: Finding Relief from the Pressure to Get It All Right

Facilitators: Ellen Kergosien and Christine Hellums

The responsibility of motherhood comes with its share of pressures. As moms, we often feel that we must get it right in all areas of our life – at home, at work, at church, and so on. The standards of motherhood often feel impossible to meet.

This study intends to help mothers discover how the gospel message can empower them to parent in the freedom of God’s sovereignty. Join this study so that you can breathe deeper, walk lighter, and enjoy your children – as well as the parenting journey – more than ever before!